Custom Silhouette Keepsake Pendant - Pendant Only for Necklace

Custom Silhouette Keepsake Pendant - Pendant Only for Necklace

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Upload your child's side profile photos here so that we can create your silhouette
If you would like, we will provide the digital file of your silhouette for you to own and print for personal use.

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This listing is to purchase additional pendants for the custom silhouette necklace.

    Pendant measures 2 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide

    Choose your shape and color:

    • White Acrylic Scalloped Circle
    • Frosted Clear Acrylic Scalloped Circle
    • White Acrylic Hexagon
    • White Acrylic Scalloped Circle

    If you would like to also own the digital file of the silhouette to use for DIY projects or print for personal use, please also check the box to purchase the digital file.

    Tips for taking the photo of your child:

    • Use a white or light colored background.
    • Turn child to the side and make sure you can see all their features are defined. Chin up, looking straight, mouth closed. Girls should have their hair pulled into a ponytail for best profile.
    • Make sure lighting is good