About Wondermint Goods

So happy that you’re here! If you are into all things colorful, love to celebrate all the moments, and embrace all the little quirks life offers - you are in the right place!

Wondermint Goods brings you all the lightweight and colorful jewelry and accessories you need to amp up the fun on every outfit!

We’re here to help your beautiful personality SHINE and help you find a little more wonder through style.

Wondermint Goods is a lot more than a cute pair of earrings. We want you to find WONDER through style; and letting that feeling give you the confidence to be the unique person that you were born to be! You were fearfully and WONDERFULLY made!

We have big goals too. Our mission is to do more good in the world and as we grow, we want to continue to give back in a bigger way. Our first cause is to support juvenile scoliosis by helping families pay for the expense of their child’s back brace. 



 Meet Alicia. The maker and owner behind Wondermint Goods.

She's a dreamer.

She grew up with a passion for creating and looking for the wonders all around her.



Wondermint Goods was born to bring fresh and curious pieces into your life that are unique and help add extra joy and wonder into your life.
Find your wonder.