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  • This is going to be hard for me to say....A BIG change for Wondermint Goods is coming.

    Hey Friends! I have a big announcement today. One that is bittersweet to share! Over the past couple years of owning and running this business, I ...
  • Party at Home this Cinco de Mayo!

    You're likely cooped up and home and this Cinco de Mayo may look a little different, but you can still party at home! Make it a party that is fami...
  • Mothers Day Gift Guide

    This Mothers Day, surprise her with a gift that's out of the ordinary. Flowers are nice, but a gift that is custom or unique is special. Bro...
  • Learn How to Hand Letter

    Want your lettering to look like a dream? Learn how to hand letter like a pro in no time with this online class!
  • 3 Things That Bring More Joy To Our 4th of July Traditions

    Today, I'm sharing 3 things that bring more joy to our 4th of July traditions. If you’re like us, the 4th is all about taking it easy, spending ...
  • Patriotic Star Banner - Salad Spinner Art

    If you're looking for a fun craft to do this Memorial Day weekend with the kids, this patriotic spin art craft is it! Use your salad spinner to create a star banner that you can hang up on your mantle. Your kids are going to love making this and its a painting craft with minimal mess!
  • Thieves Essential Oil Cleaning Scrub DIY - Non-Toxic Home Cleaning

    Learn how to make an easy Thieves cleaning scrub that is non-toxic, using essential oils. Your house is going to be so clean and is going to smell amazing with this one!
  • Organizing The Kids Craft Table | Storing Kids Craft Supplies

    Keeping the house clean with kids can be a real challenge; the kids craft area is one that definitely gets left in a pile usually. Today I'll share some really simple and obtainable ways I organize the kids craft table. Because kids can be savages! Am I right?!
  • DIY Leather Earrings: How to Make Leather Earrings without a Cricut or Silhouette

    Leather earrings are still on trend and I don’t see them going away anytime soon. Joanna Gaines made them famous by first wearing a teardrop pair a...
  • Top Gift Picks for Mothers Day

    Top Gift Picks for Mamas with Any Personality. For the goal getter, fit mom, social mom and fashionista. Handmade gifts that you care. 
  • DIY Earring Display

    This earring display DIY is a simple and creative way to store all your earrings. Learn how to make your own earring storage in this tutorial.
  • If You Don't Like Where You Are. Change It.

    If it's both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it. So many of your dreams lie on the other side of your fear, but it's up to you to take action. You got this!