If You Don't Like Where You Are. Change It.

If You Don't Like Where You Are. Change It.

If it's both terrifying and amazing

If it's both terrifying and amazing then try should definitely pursue it. 

I took that photo while on a visit to the Twitter offices; back when I was working my traditional corporate job in advertising. It's my favorite quote and its a focal piece on one of their walls. 

Nothing has ever been so true. When I was entering the workplace in advertising, I was terrified, when I left my career to pursue this business, I was terrified. I had so much anxiety about all the unknowns. Every single time I pushed through those feelings, I found something that was amazing. Right on the other side of my fear. 

A lot of people often tell me that they don’t know how I do it all. Every single time, this observance hits me like a ton of bricks. “Do it all?!” Like I have it all together.  I definitely don’t.

I have spent days…and sometimes days turn into weeks, and then months and then years trying to convince myself to start taking steps towards my goals. I guess that’s the first step though, right?! Knowing your goals?! It’s great and terrifying at the same time. Dreams can be so big that they often stop you in your tracks.

I’m the kind of person that wants everything instantly, so I try to do everything all at once. I get overwhelmed and shut down. Sound familiar?

Start small.

I just started reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” (I know, I’m late to the party) – but MAN OH MAN, if any of the words I have said so far resonate with you…Get this book and actually read it. Because if you’re like me, you say you’re going to read all the time, but really don’t.

Girl Wash Your Face

Like Rachel, I never stuck to anything very long. I would say I was going to start a diet, and wouldn’t only stick to it for 3 weeks. I think I was constantly living in this state of looking for an excuse. I let simple events break me away easily from where I wanted to go. Like Rachel, the first thing I actually ever stuck to was giving up Diet Coke. Silly, right?! It’s just Diet Coke. But for me, that first “little thing” was the first thing that launched me into a totally different mindset. Why not conquer other things standing in front of me? If I can do this…what can’t I do?!

I know I spent a lot of time thinking, and not doing…nothing to show for the action I didn’t take. I would let negative thoughts and fear of what people might think overcome me.

I think in a weird way, I also thought people would swoop in help me. NEWS FLASH – no one, is going to help you achieve your dreams. You have to do it yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate to be surrounded by support. My husband has always been my greatest supporter, even when my ideas have been crazy. But as far as action goes, that’s on you.

For me, it helped to take baby steps. Make a list of tangible goals and do them EVERY DAMN DAY. Small action will snowball and turn into big things.

This business is one thing that has been in my heart for YEARS. It took a lot of work. I even deleted all my work for the website at one part. Did I quit? No way. I kept going despite being frustrated.

If God puts something on your heart, GO GET IT. It’s on you. And I’m here to say that I BELIEVE IN YOU and know you can do it. Keep your head down and keep going. You totally got this. 

I'm still figuring it all out, but simply beginning is a HUGE step. 

What helps keep you accountable with your goals?

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