Redfin Blog Feature: 22 Awesome Playroom Ideas for Kids

Redfin Blog Feature: 22 Awesome Playroom Ideas for Kids

We were featured on the Redfin Blog!

Make a Space for Creativity! 22 Awesome Playroom Ideas for Kids.

It's no secret that I am a mama to 3 kids. Part of what I encourage here at Wondermint Goods and beyond in my own personal life is to "find your wonder." I believe you can find happiness and curiosity wherever you are if you take the moment to look for it. With kids, they have a natural knack for finding the wonder all around them, and I constantly look to them and learn from them on how to experience that joy in life. 

Part of my job as a mom is to foster creativity within their own spaces at home. We were thrilled to partner with Redfin and talk to them about what we do to create a space of creativity and contribute to their article, "Make a space for Creativity! 22 Awesome Playroom Ideas for Kids.

Our girls share a room, but it was important to us that they also have a space that they can retreat to if they want to spend some time alone to play and decompress. Their bonus room is their own personal playroom. Here are some simple tips that I have used for creating a space designed to foster creativity.

Playroom Ideas for Kids

A great playroom is one that is simply playful. It fosters creativity through stations that a child can shift between. For us, a craft corner with an array of art supplies available is the most used spot. Use furniture pieces with drawers and extra cubby spots for easy organizing. Make your room colorful or add interest to a wall with fun decals; don’t forget to leave extra floor space for imaginative play and fort building.

We recently purchased a nugget and its been the most fun to watch them reconfigure it to their own imagination and play with it. The fort building potential is endless!

We can't wait to bring you more blog posts just like this on how to find your wonder in every day life! Head to the link below to read the entire article.

Read the entire article over on Redfin HERE

Deer Artwork: By Stressie Cat on Etsy

Wall Decals: By Urbanwalls on Etsy


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