DIY Earring Display

DIY Earring Display

If you need an easy earring storage idea,  I’ve got you covered!

Bonus: this DIY Earring Display also goes perfectly with a wide range of home decor styles from farmhouse to boho. 

DIY Earring Storage Idea

If you’re like me, basically all your earrings, except for the really nice ones, all end up in a little bowl in my master bedroom. Or worse, crumpled up in a suitcase waiting to be unpacked from the last trip I took. I’ve never been great at displaying my jewelry, specifically earrings, in a way that I could be proud of.

Then one day, I decided to make this fun display. It was so easy to make, I had to share it!

Earring Display

The wood is from Home Depot, I cut it down to 2 feet long and stained it with Sunbleached by Varathane. This is the PERFECT color to match so many different interiors. A great neutral.

If you don’t feel like channeling your inner lumberjack, you can easily go to Michaels and find some pre-fabricated wood hanger options to work with.

Cut the twine longer than the board to leave enough room to wrap around the back.

Earring Display How To

Stretch your twine around the board where you want it placed. Take your staple gun and staple the twine on the back of the board. 

Earring Storage DIY

Staple a twine loop at the top of hanging easily. Once you're finished stapling the twine onto it, it should look like this.

Earring Display How To

Hang all your beautiful earrings and enjoy! I swear things look better when you make them!

Earring Display Ideas

You can truly make this to match any home decor. To customize it, paint or stain the board whatever color you choose. If twine isn't your style, consider using ribbon or string to match your home's style. 

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