Learn How to Hand Letter

Learn How to Hand Letter

Learning how to do hand lettering for me was another great creative outlet that calms my stress and anxiety at the end of a long day.

Hand lettering and modern calligraphy is sweeping the DIY world right now, and it's no question why. Who wouldn't want their handwriting to look like something whimsical and amazing.

FACT: Even if your actual handwriting looks like illegible chicken scratch (which mine does) - you can learn how to do modern calligraphy. 

I have a secret. I'm kind of a hand lettering newbie! I took a class on it last fall, but before that had no idea what to do. Almost 1 year in, and it's amazing to see how much better my lettering has come in such a short time. It really is a skill you can learn and LOVE quickly!

As you're starting out, and don't want to spend a ton on materials, I recommend these brush pens from Crayola!

brush pens crayola


If you'd like to learn, I highly recommend the classes through Brit + Co. The videos are from highly skilled artists who can break it down easily for a newbie.

I started hand lettering by using brush pens and felt that was an easy way to get the hang of it, before trying new techniques like a pen, watercolor or digital. Digital is my preferred way to letter now, using an Apple Pen and Procreate.


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Sharisse does an amazing job of breaking it down. You'll be lettering in no time. And at a price of only $29, this is definitely an easy way to start! Especially when you can take the class right at home, in your pjs! 

I can't wait to hear if you give it a try. Enroll and let me know what you think! 

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