This is going to be hard for me to say....A BIG change for Wondermint Goods is coming.

This is going to be hard for me to say....A BIG change for Wondermint Goods is coming.

Hey Friends!

I have a big announcement today. One that is bittersweet to share!

Over the past couple years of owning and running this business, I have been able to learn new skills and grow in so many ways I never knew possible. Through that and some major life changes like welcoming a third child into our family, I have learned what truly brings me joy in this business. 

Some of you may see me as a sign maker, some of you may see me as a jewelry designer. The truth is, I am both! If you know my full background and the story behind Wondermint Goods, you’ll also know that at my very core, jewelry designing is where my heart is.  I grew up rock and gem hunting with my Mother and Grandfather and spent my childhood as a daydreamer, always looking around for all the wonder around me. The wonder of the world that God has made for us.

Jewelry making is where I find my joy within this business and where I feel most alive serving and making for you all! 

So with that, these are the words that are hard for me to say....

But here we go....

Wood signs will be no longer be a part of my product lineup.

This will not be an overnight change. If you go to my website, you’ll still see that I have them listed. I will be making them until my current inventory is depleted. So if you've been thinking about ordering a sign from me, this is the last call!

I have loved wood working and sign making. There’s just something about it that makes a lady feel empowered! But with this season of life that  I am in and having to care for my family alongside running this business, I’ll be able to serve both my family and YOU so much better with a smaller and more JOYFUL focus.




I said it. No more wood signs. It's out there in the world now.

If you know me personally, you know it's hard for me to let something go and my face likely looks like this right now...


If you’re still here reading this....I truly applaud you and thank you for hanging in there with me.

For those who have also been asking and wondering, my sinus surgery last Friday went great and I’m recovering beautifully. I’ll soon feel SO much better and will be able to BREATHE! 


I can’t wait for all that I’ll be able to rollout for you this year. My focus will be on acrylic jewelry and accessories. There will be so many fun new things coming your way, as this new path will free me up to design and dream more!

In fact! We have a few new earring designs live on the site right now! These have already been such a hit, and I love how these can fit into your every day looks so flawlessly.


acrylic earrings tortoise shell pearl

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