How to Make Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

How to Make Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Essential oils are everywhere right now and I’ll admit...I’m a little obsessed. Being a jewelry designer, I knew the first DIY I wanted to do with my essential oils was to make a diffuser bracelet!

I’ve slowly started to rid our house and my routine of toxins and that includes perfume! This bracelet is the perfect way to make your essential oil scent last throughout the day...and customize it to what you need that day! Stressed? Use stress away. Need a little pick me up? Choose Joy. I personally LOVE Joy and have been wearing that as my daily “perfume.”

You can easily pick everything you need up at your local Michaels store.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stretchy Cord 
  • Lava Stones
  • Optional: Accents (In my case, I’m using a small clover and mini tassels)
  • Essential Oils of Choice. (I use Young Living because of how pure they are - Therapeutic Grade)

Young Living Essential Oils

This tutorial is crazy easy!

Step One:

Cut your strand of lava beads and put the loose beads in a bowl to easily pick up. Start stringing!

I like to string while my cord is still attached to the spool, so I don’t have to worry about holding the other end or having the beads fall off and roll everywhere. Ugh - it’s happened to me on too many occasions!

 Diffuser Bracelet Tutorial

Step 2

Once you have finished stringing your beads, you’ll be ready to secure it!

I always just hold the bracelet around my wrist before tying to make sure its the right length. It usually takes between 19-22 beads.

To tie it, you don’t need to do anything fancy! Simply make 3 normal knots, making sure to tighten well between each knot. If you want to be sure your bracelet wont ever come undone, you can add a dab of super glue to seal the deal.

Essential Oil Bracelet

If you don’t have any accents to add in addition, you’re all done!! If you do, keep following along.


I wanted to add a couple tassels to hang from it. You can make tassels on your own, or you can buy them at michaels or online easily. You’ll need a simple jump ring to attach it. 

You’ll need needle nose pliers to open up your jump ring as shown in the photo to attach the tassel to the bracelet.

How cute is this?! It’s the perfect fun piece as we lead into Spring, and you’ll smell and feel great too! 

Simply add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to the lava beads. Because the lava beads are porous, they will soak it up and continue to diffuse the oils for hours afterwards.

Tassel BraceletDiffuser Bracelet How ToEssential Oil Jewelry

You can find essential oils at any health and wellness store.

If you’re interested in Young Living in particular, I am obsessed and can feel good that I’m using the highest quality oils. I purchased the starter kit and got a whole ton of oils and a diffuser for a huge savings!

If you’re interested in jumping into using more essential oils, you can get the ones I talked about in the link below:

Learn more about Young Living Oils and Discounts


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