Patriotic Star Banner - Salad Spinner Art

Patriotic Star Banner - Salad Spinner Art

If you're looking for a fun craft to do this Memorial Day weekend, this patriotic spin art craft is it! Especially when you need a break from the sun.  

Create a fun star banner to hang up to decorate for Memorial Day or 4th of July!

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We found a really fun new way to use our salad spinner. Who else has one of these?! I’ll be honest, mine has sat in the cupboard unused for YEARS. Like 10 years… because who, I mean WHO has time to cut and wash their own lettuce?!? Nope – for me, it’s gotta be pre-rinsed and ready to go.

So, for now, this handy little contraption will get great use for crafting!

Salad Spinner Art, How to do Spin Art at Home 

We found we were really lacking in any patriotic decor for the 4th, so I thought the fireplace could use a fun new piece! A banner would be perfect!

The girls are really into it, they try to get into every photo I take! Goofballs…

Kids Craft for Memorial Day

Kids Summer Craft, 4th of July Craft 

I’m all about busy projects for the kids in the summer. Because “y’all goin make me lose my mind…” you can sing the rest in your head. This one put them to work tracing and cutting out all the stars before we got to the fun part…spin painting!

I thought 5 inch stars would be the best size for our project. You can find a handy printout HERE to use as your template.

Star Template - 5 inch stars

I let the girls spend most their time tracing out all the stars with pencils onto white cardstock paper that I got at Michaels. You could spruce them up even more and get different colored paper!

 Tracing Stars, Cutting out Paper Stars, Star Template, Summer Kids Craft

For the paint, I chose to use metallic gold, navy and red. I love these little Martha Stewart satin acrylic craft paints for so many different projects, they are just the right size for crafts like this. Check out all the available colors HERE!

 Martha Stewart Paints, Acrylic Paints, Red, white and blue crafts

Once the girls got all the stars traced, I got to work cutting them out and let my oldest help me. We cut out way more than we needed because we got a little sidetracked. Just cut out as many as you’d like depending on the length of your banner.

Paper Stars, Memorial Day Craft, Star Banner DIY

Onto the fun part! Painting!

Set the paper stars into your salad spinner. Glob on the paint colors. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FANCY! Don’t overthink it, just glob it. Seriously. Let the kids help! This is their favorite part.

Spint Art at Home, How to make spin art, Star Banner Craft

Just kidding, the spinning was definitely their favorite part! Spin away to reveal your own spin art! The girls definitely fought over this, so if you’re doing this activity with multiple kids, I recommend setting boundaries upfront! Take turns please! Share please!

Salad Spinner Art, How to make Spin Art at Home

Look how Beautiful they turn out! I just love how it’s going to look when all the unique stars are put together.

 Spin Art Stars, Painting Stars, Star Banner

Keep spinning all your stars until all are painted. I absolutely love this way of painting since it contains all the mess within the bowl!

How cool does the spinner look?! Don’t worry, wash it right away and it all comes off, no problem!

 Salad Spinner Art


Let your stars all dry. I let them dry overnight because some globs of paint were still pretty thick.

 Painted Stars

Once your stars are all dry, pick out some ribbon and hot glue them all onto the ribbon in whatever order you like! I glued loops at each end to make it easy for hanging.

Star Banner Craft for Memorial Day or 4th of July, Kids Summer Craft

Hang and enjoy for Memorial Day or the 4th of July!

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