DIY Leather Earrings: How to Make Leather Earrings without a Cricut or Silhouette

DIY Leather Earrings: How to Make Leather Earrings without a Cricut or Silhouette

Leather earrings are super lightweight just like acrylic earrings.

What’s not to love?  They are lightweight and easy to wear and make a statement. Leather comes in so many different colors, patterns and textures. I myself am loving the metallic ones. 

If you don't want to make your own, you'll find some amazing lightweight acrylic earrings in our shop.


But if you're looking to make your own lightweight trendy earrings, keep reading!

 DIY Leather Earrings, how to make leather earrings

So many of the tutorials you’ll find to make them involve owning a Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut them out perfectly. I own a silhouette and that is definitely a good route to go, but it’s not necessary. 

I’ve created a template that you can print at home to make these cute earrings! 

Leather Earring Printable Template


Although the popular teardrop shape is great; I wanted to get a little more creative with some of my favorite shapes. If you’ve been following my jewelry design journey from the beginning you’ll know one thing...I have an obsession with clovers. So naturally, that had to be one of the shapes. 

With Mothers Day just around the corner, these are a great gift that that you can make yourself! 

Here’s what you’re going to need!


  • Faux Leather or Leather: I purchased Faux Leather from Hobby Lobby
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Ear hooks
  • Leather Punching Tool (Or a sewing needle)
  • Optional: Xacto Knife and Cutting Mat (To create a fringe)


STEP 1: Print Out the Template. Cut out the shapes.

Cutting out Leather Earrings 

STEP 2: Flip your leather over to the backside. Lay your shape onto the leather. Use a pencil or sharpie to trace the shape onto the leather. 

I used a fine point sharpie in this case, but you may want to use a pencil so that you don’t see any leftover sharpie marks with your final product. 

(Like mine...WHOOPS! I’ll never claim to be perfect. Learning is all part of the process, so always give yourself grace) 

 Tracing leather earring cutouts

Leather Earring Cutout Printable

STEP 3: Once you shape is traced, take your sharp scissors and cut them out! (Told you this tutorial would be easy, right?!) My one tip is to go slow and make small cuts as you make your way around the shape; this way you’ll get a clean cut. 

 Cutting out earring for leather earrings

STEP 4: Once you have your shapes cut out, you’re almost done!  

You’ll want to punch a hole into the leather at the top so that you can thread your ear hook onto it. If you purchased a leather punching tool, simply line it up and press down. If not, you can use a sewing needle to poke through it.

 Leather punching tool

Punching a hole in leather earrings

STEP 5: Thread your earhooks through the hole you punched. You’ll want a small round nose pliers to close any gap; or you can pinch it pretty easily with your fingers. 

 Attaching Earhook to Earrings, How to Attach and Ear Hook



If you’d like to make a fringe at the bottom of your earrings, move onto this final step. 


STEP 6: Grab a cutting mat and your xacto knife.  

Hold the leather down with one hand to keep it steady and find the point you want to have the fringe start. Press down with your xacto knife and run it down to the bottom. Repeat the process all the way across in small strips until you have your fringe!

 Cutting fringe for leather earrings

 Now, go wear your earrings and pair them with a cute spring or summer outfit!

Clover Leather Earrings

Leather Earring Tutorial

If you LOVE lightweight earrings, but don't feel like making them. Acrylic is another very lightweight option like leather. They're the perfect way to wear a statement earring without hurting your ears!

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  • Qadria Shabazz

    Nice starter projects. I used a new single edged razor blade in lieu of an exacto knife and key is working slowly and staying in the ‘cut’ once you begin. I also use a sm metal ruler for straitest even results. Any more shapes fir diy w/o a machine?

  • Danea Esslinger

    Thank you so much for posting this as I do not have a cricket. Every tutorial is with a cricket. Bless you

  • Barbara Petersen

    Thank you so much for this!! I thought I’d have to buy expensive cut outs and/or cricut.. which isn’t possible at this time. So excited and getting started ASAP.

  • Patricia

    Just going to give a try in making faux leather earrings need all the help I can get

  • Darcey

    Hello! Thank you for posting the tutorial on how to do this without a machine! I got some of that vinyl from hobby lobby, but when I cut there is a lot of fuzzies on the edges. Any tips?

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