3 Things That Bring More Joy To Our 4th of July Traditions

3 Things That Bring More Joy To Our 4th of July Traditions

Today, I'm sharing 3 things that bring more joy to our 4th of July traditions.
If you’re like us, the 4th is all about taking it easy, spending it with good friends, unplugging our screens and plugging in to the good things in life!
1.) Do fun things that bring you back to feeling like a kid!

If we’re not at the beach, we love do summer activities with the kids that make us feel like kids again. Simple joys like running through a sprinkler or throwing water balloons. Although they are WAY easier to fill up in a big batch now days with these bunch of balloons packs. We stock up on these at Target. 
Water balloons
We also try to fit in a craft that we can do as a family, and have something we can use for years after. This spin art star banner is the perfect activity to try!
DIY Spin Art
2.) Bake something patriotic and yummy!
Patriotic fruit pizza
We always have to make our patriotic fruit pizza!  This recipe has quickly become a tradition in our little family. It just doesn’t feel like the 4th without a slice of this! 

With a sugar cookie base layer...lemon zested cream cheese and all the yummy berries, it’s one you have to try!

Plus, it’s super easy. I’m all for making things from scratch...but this one simply calls for making the sugar cookie crust with pre-made dough!
Fruit pizza for 4th of July

3.) Dress up in red, white and blue!
It seems like an obvious one, but I promise it will add more joy and fun to your festivities. 

I always get ready by putting on the most ridiculous patriotic thing I own, which is this LulaRoe dress I got years ago. I pair it with my gold clover earrings with a red tassel. 
4th of July outfit, Patriotic outfit
Happy 4th, y'all!!

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