Organizing The Kids Craft Table | Storing Kids Craft Supplies

Organizing The Kids Craft Table | Storing Kids Craft Supplies

Keeping the house clean with kids can be a real challenge; the kids craft area is one that definitely gets left in a pile usually. 

Today I'll share some really simple and obtainable ways I organize the kids craft table. Because kids can be savages! Am I right?!

Kids Craft Table Organization

This is the way that I found the craft table. Stuff everywhere. Half colored pages, play-doh bits, legos and small toys, broken crayons - a total mess! 

Kids Craft Table - Organizing Kids Crafts

Luckily some of the organization systems I put into place made it a pretty easy job. 

Let's show you the mess we're up against today... WHY can't my kids just put their crayons away?! I should mention that normally they are responsible for cleaning up their own messes - but today is a special circumstance. 

Start by SORTING all the randomness!

Throw away broken crayons, crappy crayons from restaurants (You know, the ones that aren't Crayola), any missing their wrapper - and sharpen any that need it. 

Cleaning up after kids; Kids Mess; Organizing Kids Craft Table

Next, find all the really random things that don't even belong at the craft table! My girls had a lot of little toys and jewelry at the table. 

Cleaning Kids Toys; Organizing Craft Table; Organizing Playroom

One of the easiest organization solutions has been hanging these small buckets above the craft table on the wall.

The buckets are from Target in the dollar section. They don't have these exact gold ones now, but I see a different version there often - so its always worth it to go check!

I used really cute faceted crystal command strips to hang them:

You can buy the crystal command strips HERE

Craft Table Storage; Organization for Craft Supplies

Over time as all the random little toys and things build up; we hide them away in the top bucket. As you can see, this one has reached its limit. YIKES. I can almost guarantee that half of the contents are likely going in the trash. 

Toy Organization; Craft Supplies Organization

Next, sort the papers and start piles. I started 3 piles.

One for trash - we certainly can't keep every adorable thing they color. 

One for coloring books and notebooks.

One for artwork pieces you want to keep. 

Sorting Craft Supplies, Cleaning Craft Table for Kids, Coloring Books

If you don't already have a craft storage system set in place; you'll need baskets and containers to keep everything in. I'm all about using what you already have. Walk around the house and see what you might be able to repurpose for this. 

I had these baskets that worked really well. 

I got both baskets from Home Goods awhile ago - but they are always my go to stop for storage solutions and containers. 

Craft Supply Storage; Coloring Book Storage; Craft Table Kids

Of course, the dreaded last step is to scrub the heck out of that dirty craft table!

If you missed it, I shared how to make my FAVORITE non-toxic scrub over at this post!


Thieves Scrub

Now grab a glass of wine or a coffee (depending on what time of day it is) and enjoy the clean craft table while it lasts. 

Kids Craft Table

When it comes time to display all those beautiful pieces of artwork that you can't part with; our Look What I Made wood sign is the perfect way to show them off!

You can find them in the shop HERE

Available in 3 stain options; we love how perfectly it fits in with our existing home decor. The clothespins make it really easy to rotate artwork that comes in the door frequently. 

Look What I Made Sign, Kids Artwork Display, Hanging Kids Artwork


Wall Art, Kids Artwork Display, Look What I Made Sign, Wood Sign, Displaying Kids Art

Happy organizing! Enjoy the clean craft table...until the kiddos mess it up again tomorrow! 

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